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The Shade Tree Do It Yourself Garage

The Shade Tree Do It Yourself Garage
1118 sw 3rd st
suite B ---ENTRANCE ON 3rd
oklahoma City, OK 73109
Today's Hours: 10:00AM - 9:00PM
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Moved to Florida due to Military Comittm

Thanks to all our clients for your patronage!! 

We greatly enjoyed being able to serve the OKC metro community for nearly 3 years and hope to be able to return.  Due to Military comittment we have moved the shop to florida in order to keep our family together and support my wife's military career.  Thank you all for the years of support and growth and we hope the Florida location will do well enough to be able to expand back to OKC & beyond at some point in the future.


OKC's ONLY Do-It-Yourself Auto Repair shop! Rent our Lifts & tools @ $20/hr--Save 70% on repair costs  *Now offering FULL service @ 20-30% LESS than others!



*11A-11P 7 DAYS/WEEK*  

*FULL SERVICE now available from our in-house Automotive Tech beginning at ONLY $60/hr*


FLEET service is our specialty!  give us the chance to show you how incredibly we can affect your company's bottom line by reducing overhead, increasing productivity as well as the longevity of your vehicles!  keep your vehicles in optimum condition on YOUR schedule & at our LOW rates.


That's right, we offer OKC's ONLY personal shop space for rent.  We have a fully stocked tool inventory including MANY specialty tools, power tools, air tools and more.  We have a 5,000sq/ft facility with 6 asymetrical lifts to keep you off the ground and make ANY automotive repair quicker and easier.  Sure you could do some of this stuff at home in your garage but you'll be amazed at how much time you save by having EVERYTHING at your fingertips.  No more running out to buy a special tool, just ask your friendly shop staff and we'll simply sign it out to you and you keep on being productive.


Do-It-Yourself rates are $20/hr and include a dedicated workspace with your own Lift and work bench.  Also included are a 270+pc CRAFTSMAN tool kit in a rolling tool cart filled with most 'frequently used' tools.  If you tackle a more complex job we have you covered there also.  Simply ask the friendly staff for ANY specialty tool you might need and we will gladly provide it to you at a nominal charge, usually $1-$2 ea.

We also have an in-house Automotive Technician offering FULL SERVICE 7-days/week.  Call today for a quote on your full-service auto repair needs and see the AMAZING difference we can make! Labor rates start at only $60/ hr and Diagnostics only $75/hr!

Need parts?  We get parts deliveries within about 20 minutes most of the time and to sweeten the pot, we SHARE OUR DISCOUNT with you!  We purchase synthetic-blend oil, ATF, and coolant in HUGE quantities (55gal drums) and pass the savings to you.


Have a question? Need an extra hand?  We NEVER charge just to ponder your perplexing pickle; If you need more in depth help then that can be arranged for a small fee or we can do it for you at a reasonable shop rate using the standard shop labor guide rates.

oil & antifreeze disposal on site

Some of the tools we offer for free OR for a small one-time fee:

engine hoist

shop press

air compressor & tools


parts washer

torque wrenches

fuel line disconnects

220v welder w/ gas


sockets up to 2.5"!

12-point hex bits (VW's use these a lot)

transmission jack

'Strut Tamer' coil spring tool


MANY MANY MORE tools available.  If you need it & we don't have it, we'll go get it!

We are open 11a-11p 7-DAYS so we can be here for you when YOU need it!  save time and money by doing it yourself with our tools, lifts, and help.  Call or stop by today and see how we can help meet & exceed your needs.

Some Customer comments about us

A young single mother shares her experience:  "I came in to do an oil change. I was amazed at how patient Jay? I think was his name, was at showing me everything about my car and telling me step by step on how to do it. Yes I could have paid someone to do it for me but the fact that I did it made it even better. You can tell he loves his job and loves teaching people!"


Another lady shares:  "The Shade Tree Garage is a fantastic place. They do a real service for people. They tell you how to do stuff and help. They are wonderful!"


A USAF Veteran relates:  "I was in the Military for 13 years and currently work at Tinker A.F.B.. The idea for this type of business is great. The military has always had a recreation center DIY garage at every Military installation here and overseas. I live in a house with a garage and can perform many jobs on my vehicle at home, but there are those times that I might need a lift to do the work or I do not have the proper tools. Your business fits the bill it is also great for those that live in apartment complexes or trailer courts and do not have a garage. I hope you expand and locate into empty car dealerships around town and into other cities. You can fill a great need."



one man wrote:  "Im a single dad raising two kids, due to an on the job injury im on a fixed income,I was in need of some repair work on my car that other garages were asking well over $1500 to do, I heard about The Shade Tree DIY garage offering help to those less fortunate on a local news chanel, I went to The Shade Tree DIY garage and got both axles replaced, ball joints replaced on both sides, and front brakes did, all to a total of $263.00 just a fraction of what it would have cost me had I decided to go with some of the other offers. Words cannot express how grateful I am to the shops owner and the volunteer mechanics that came out and assited, I was also able to help in doing some of the repairs which was quite an experience. Again; my graditude can not extend out enough to you guys. God bless you and keep doing what your doing for the community."








a few key tasks you may perform here include:






many people have done oil change, oil filter, transmission, brakes, tune ups, water pump, caliper, brake pads, serpentine belt, timing belt, spark plug, distributor, carburetor, fuel injector, fuel pump, fuel filter, oil pump, head, cam, crankshaft, thermostat, radiator, manifold, throttle body, oxygen sensor, shocks, struts, springs, wheels, universal joint, u-joint, differential, transfer case, rack and pinion, tie rod, ball joint, hub, control arm, ECU, IAC, ABS, ECT, coolant, radiator hose, motor mount, ignition, coolant hose, coil, coilpack, spark plug wires, head gasket, valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket, oil pump and many more tasks!

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The Shade Tree DIY Garage